Set in Victorian England, ‘The Dark Box’ is a short period drama about an unhappily married woman, who pursues photography to escape from her oppressive relationship. When Sophia Blackmore receives a camera from her brother, she converts her greenhouse into a photography studio, and turns her maid into a most patient model. The rigid Henry Blackmore does not care for his wife’s endeavours, until her work becomes recognized by the higher spheres of London. Through her artistic success, Sophia meets a painter, who seems to be her kindred spirit. Although their friendship is innocent in the woman’s eyes, it leads to further conflict with Mr. Blackmore. In the era which cultivated strict customs and emotional reserve, Sophia and Henry find themselves unable to suppress their escalating resentment any longer.

Writer/Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Iness Rychlik

imdb – 15 minutes – Scotland, UK

(‘The Dark Box’ is currently not available online to the public due to festival requirements.)

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