INESS RYCHLIK is a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in historical drama. Despite her severe myopia, she has been dedicated to visual storytelling for over a decade.

Iness graduated with First Class Honours in Film from Screen Academy Scotland. Set in Victorian London, her final-year film ‘The Dark Box’ follows an unhappily married woman, who pursues photography to escape from her oppressive relationship. ‘The Dark Box’ premiered at Camerimage, where Iness received a Golden Tadpole nomination for her cinematography. Most recently, she shot and directed two mini-documentaries about art for the BBC Scotland. 

Iness is fascinated by the idea of conveying sexuality and cruelty in a subtle evocative way. Her conceptual self-portraits provoke the viewer’s imagination, rather than satisfy it.


iness@inessrychlik.com | Based out of London & Edinburgh.


2019 | 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, FotoNostrum Gallery – Barcelona, Spain

2019 | Trierenberg Super Circuit, Design Center Linz – Linz, Austria

2019 | Foto Festival Lenzburg, Lenzburg – Switzerland

2018 | ‘Paris Photo Off’ by ImageNation, Galerie Joseph – Paris, France

2018 | ‘Ethereal’ by ImageNation, Espace des Arts sans Frontières – Paris, France


2019 | 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award – Honourable Mention

2019 | Trierenberg Super Circuit – Special Theme Award Winner

2019 | Fresh 19, Photography – Carbon Award Winner

2018 | International Photography Awards, Nude – Honourable Mention

2018 | Spotlight Photography Awards, Emerging Talent – Shortlisted for Top Ten

2017 | Ptit Clap Film Festival – The Second Prize of the Jury (‘The Dark Box’)

2016 | Camerimage – The Golden Tadpole Nomination (‘The Dark Box’)

2016 | International Photography Awards, Nude – Honourable Mention

2016 | International Photography Awards, Self-Portrait – Honourable Mention


2019 | Format.com – ‘10 Inspiring Fine Art Photographers’

2018 | Prodibi – ‘Innocence and temptation to provoke your imagination’

2018 | Fumo Gallery – ‘Dark feminine eroticism by photographer Iness Rychlik’

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